07 January 2013


It's 2013 my friends! How are you? Did you celebrate the New Years or stayed at home? We have been to Rome with my family, and boy it was nice! It's been super cold in Sweden so little break with sun and palm trees did us good.

So, 2013. What's up? We have a lot of fun stuff planned ahead!

First, our designs are hand picked to the Trend days here in Stockholm! I'm so grateful and happy about that.

Of all our designs the Moscow pillow is selling the best. We are looking to expand even more beyond Nordics this year, and it's looking promising.

We are soon getting in the Moscow in black with white pattern.

Also, January in Europe means a lot of design fairs. We are going to visit Formex, but not exhibit this time.
There's also Nordic Light and Furniture Fairs coming soon.

And, Meet the Blogger Event in Stockholm! We have lots of fun plans for the event on the 2nd and 3rd of February. My birthday and all...

We are also getting some new trays into our collection.. Stay tuned!

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Sarah said...

So exciting Tiina, it all sounds so fabulous!! Looking forward to what this new year will bring for all of us! ;-))