25 December 2012


It's been such joyful days. Lots of snow, family, food and love.

19 December 2012

Christmas around the house

I'm getting all Christmassy and really looking forward the holidays. We have baked goodies and the hubby made mustard. This weekend will be filled with more cooking and hanging out with family.

17 December 2012


Good morning! It's early morning here in Stockholm, and I'm up for today's adventure. We are off to meet our corporate banker to discuss 2013. Exciting, eh?

My friend Lotta from Alla Bäckar Små has a giveaway with pretty cushions! Make sure you attend! The question is (for you non-swedish speakers): What's your favorite color for 2013?

We have been crazy busy lately. I have finished our Business to Business kit for 2013 and have lots of fun things planned ahead. Anyhow, while you are at it: What's your best interior color for the S&S 2013? Myself, I think I need to say coral!

 one of our designs in coral.

I'm also big fan of orange.

This is how I would match our cushions for the bright and pretty pink effect!

12 December 2012

SHANGHAI black in apartment announcement

I was very happy when I found this apartment styled by lovely and talented Sofie. She has used our Shanghai cushion in black. Looking great!


New trays coming soon! We'll accept pre-orders for the trays. As usual, they will come in many color - and design ways. Here's a peek.

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09 December 2012

products back in stock

I'm so happy that we have all the popular designs back in stock! 

04 December 2012

Nordic Design Collective

It's December my friends and we have lots of snow! Isn't it amazing? I'm beyond happiness, it's my favorite month again. Lots af fun planend ahead again...

You can now find our products in Nordic Design Collective shop! The Collective is driven by some really cool entreprenours located in my town. I'm SO HAPPY to be able to join them! You find our products here. We are adding new products continuously.

Our renovation is going great! If you wish you can follow the progress on Instagram.

Have a great week!