29 November 2012

Our house progressing

The house is getting cozier every day! We've been totally busy with all the fixing and painting around the casa. Also, we managed to do some christmas decoration!

The office is still a work-in-progress but I'm happy to announce that I have dusted off my computer anyhoo. So we are back in business again!

We also added instagram flow. Click over if you like to get glimpses of our life!

20 November 2012

House project

We have had a few interesting weeks with renovating the house! The hallway is almost done now.

We started with choosing some great grey...

But ended up with a wallpaper from Zoffany. I love the feeling this cozy pattern creates! Very welcoming don't you think?

14 November 2012

Bedroom update

Our house is coming together slowly. As you might recall, we bought this 70's house for some months ago, and got the keys last week! So this week is dedicated purely for fixing it.

Here's some before-after pictures. They are snapped with my iPhone so excuse me for the crap lightning!

Bedroom when the work started

After some painting and wallpapering we have this

05 November 2012

Stockholm Design Week & Meet the Blogger

New week, new fun stuff! We are busy with packing all our stuff into boxes, since we are moving to our new house on Friday! It's just too exciting! We have been living in apartments for the last 10+ years (well, since we both moved out of parents' homes, which was in the 90's... so more than 10 years ago!)

The House

Meet the Blogger planning is also going really good! We are working on finalizing some details for the City Design Tour on Sunday the 3rd. The whole event  program is going to be GREAT, and I am excited to be part of the team!

What more is great? We are working together with the Stockholm  Design Week. AND, I also noticed that my friend Kustaa Saksi is going to be one of the speakers at the Furniture Fair! AH, all too exciting!

01 November 2012

moodboard: our dining room

We are getting closer to the day we move to our new house, and I'm busy planning the interiors. I'm thinking of this setup for the dining room. We are not planning on buying any new furniture but use what we have. Allthough I'm planning on painting and re-upholstering a few pieces. I'll show you the results in couple of weeks!