30 October 2012

blog love

We received some blog love last week. Thanks our fellow bloggers in Sweden and Finland!

Click the images to visit these fun and stylish blogs.

26 October 2012

Meet the Blogger Stockholm

Friday.. how are you? I'm so excited! So many fun plans ahead, and we actually got some snow in Stockholm last night! Not that I look forward pushing my Bugaboo in a snow storm but it's pretty beautiful outside.

(just kidding, not quite there yet)

I met wonderful Lise from Tulipa Media (you might also know her from Urban Style Vibes, the blog with a lot of gorgeous travel & interior tips) some weeks ago here in Stockholm. She is planning the popular event, Meet the Blogger, in Stockholm in February 2013! I'm so excited to be part of the event. We have a lot of fun planned, so be sure to check out the website for regular news!

24 October 2012

bathroom ideas

Hubby asked me the other day what-the-devilish I am planning to do with the bathroom upstairs. It's not pretty at the moment, and we need to do a total re-design for it. However, we must keep the budget very low, since the main bathroom downstairs is going to swallow most of the money.

My plan so far is to paint the walls, since it can be done with low budget. The walls are covered in linoleum, so they are somehow paintable... These images serve as my inspiration right now.

Our cabinets are somewhat alike the one above. That thing will stay.

Love me some drama of the gold painted mirrors.

I will shoot some pictures in the new bathroom soon!

22 October 2012

moodboard: my office

I'm designing the home office in our new place, and this is what I'm planning! 

  • Do you want to know more about the products? 
  • Want your own mood board? 

Do contact me!

18 October 2012

instagram flow

Now we have created an instagram flow! You get to follow 'behind the scenes of ELCE' and also pics of my life. You'll find it here!

17 October 2012


So many cool things happening here:
  • We have created fabulous opportunities to work with leading stylists! I'll tell you more soon.
  • We have launched two new collections Kuala Lumpur and Athens (two wonderful cities) and they have become popular in short time
  • We have designed a kids collection (inspired by my lovely bebe). Coming soon!
  • We have appointed new resellers! soon you'll find our cushions in Darling Things. We also sell through  Yasemin Loher in germany. Good stuff!

  • We will launch instagram serie soon.
  • We will start (continue) documenting the renovation project of our new house soon!

10 October 2012

wallpapers to our bedroom

The wallpaper fiesta is going to continue here! I ordered samples and now also rolls for our new house, and this is what we chose for the master bedroom.

Again, wallpaper from Boråstapeter and collection Karlslund. We thought we wanted to choose old Swedish wallpapers to preserve the cozy feel of the house. 

08 October 2012

plans for the new house

As I told last week, we are moving into our first house in just a few weeks and the excitement is mind blowing. We visited the house this weekend, and went through the construction and all stuff that one needs to check before sealing the deal. Also got to meet the lovely family who is selling the house. The more we talked to them and the more we investigated the house (with a professional contruction engineer), the more LOVE we felt. It is going to be amazing!

Now, the move obviously triggers many decoration plans. We are going to do a full paint - wallpaper job in every room, so I'm busy with ordering samples and deciding about the furniture arrangements. This is what we picked for the baby's room.

The wallpaper Falsterbo från the Swedish brand Boråstapeter

Looks pretty amazing, right?

The room will have some pink details, just like in our current nursery. Which is NOT finished at all by the way... 

My baby girl's first sneakers.

Pretty pompoms

Designers Guild pillows and my old blanket from the 70's.

 Stay tuned for more plans!

05 October 2012

moving again

I have some exciting news for you... We are moving AGAIN! As you might remember, we moved into our new apartment for some months ago, after had waited for the house to finish about 2 years. And even if we really loved the new home, we decided to sell it and buy a house!

Our pretty apartment

So, our little family is about to move again! We bought a lovely 70's house outside Stockholm, and will start renovating it in November. 

The new house looks like this

Pardon for crappy pictures! We will shoot new ones once we have moved, and obviosly start documenting the progress! TOO EXCITING!!

Don't miss out the GIVEAWAY!

03 October 2012


Finally we have managed to release our newest designs on the web site! The two new designs are called Athens and Kuala Lumpur, and the patterns are inspired by the two beautiful cities. Have a look at our newest cushion covers!

We are also giving away one cushion cover of you choice from our newest collections! Just tell us wich one you like the most and why, and we will pick one lucky winner.

Kuala Lumpur in peacock blue and orange

Athens in coral and pea green