17 September 2012

What a wonderful weekend I've had! I had my best girls over for some tacos and wine, while the hubby was away with the baby.

On the minus side, my work computer crashed BIG time, so now I have some work ahead to rescue all my stuff, buy a new computer and just get going again.

The web site is a bit wonky I'd say... I need to work on that as soon as the technicalities are solved.

The good thing about being technically educated (I have master of science in computer engineering) is that I can build my own web sites and update them as I please. Servers and hosting stuff are no strange concepts. Although when the computer crashes I'm pretty much helpless!

12 September 2012

Today we had the new designs photographed! Here you can see some of them. I'm loving the bright autumn colors!

07 September 2012

I'm enjoying my time at home with the little one. It's such a privilege to be able to stay at home for the first months of a newborn's life! I also enjoy the peaceful hours when the baby is asleep! Time for me to re-charge and do some work too!

Have a lovely weekend!

05 September 2012

This is one of the questions we get into our mailbox quite often:


Obviously I love getting this question - which means that there's a bunch of great people out there who love our products and would like to sell them in their shops and online stores!

It's pretty easy. You let us know your intention by emailing or calling us. We discuss the products and we will send you a catalogue with pricing. You will also receive samples if you wish so. To help you to set up online business we can also provide with marketing material and photographs!

Since we enjoy working with small business owners, we can deliver small quantities. This enables you to start selling our products with a small investment. Once your business grows, you can order more!

Right now we are looking for retailers in Europe, USA and Australia. Let us know if you are interested in our products!