17 December 2012


Good morning! It's early morning here in Stockholm, and I'm up for today's adventure. We are off to meet our corporate banker to discuss 2013. Exciting, eh?

My friend Lotta from Alla Bäckar Små has a giveaway with pretty cushions! Make sure you attend! The question is (for you non-swedish speakers): What's your favorite color for 2013?

We have been crazy busy lately. I have finished our Business to Business kit for 2013 and have lots of fun things planned ahead. Anyhow, while you are at it: What's your best interior color for the S&S 2013? Myself, I think I need to say coral!

 one of our designs in coral.

I'm also big fan of orange.

This is how I would match our cushions for the bright and pretty pink effect!

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