26 October 2011

orange + kitchen plans 2

I’m planning our kitchen (and the rest of the rooms) and I’m thinking of upholstering our granny chairs, just need to decide the color. This would look good in our new kitchen.


25 October 2011

apartment in stockholm

This Tuesday’s Scandi inspiration is not an apartment in Stockholm, but a house on a beatiful island called Gotland. Nevertheless, it’s beyond gorgeous!image image image image

I can’t stop!

image image image image

image image image


happy Tuesday.

Don’t forget the giveaways.

24 October 2011

black wallpapers

Darlings, remember I talked about the black and gold rooms? I’m totally nuts about the color combo these days, and the same goes with orange. You see, even my blog got a bit orange! So, last weekend after I had slept in (travelling does make one tired, but oh.so.happy) I walked over to the local paradise, the wallpaper store! I had some black and gold pretties on my radars, and here’s the catch:


Nina Campbell



Colefax & Fowler one and two

image image

gp & j baker one and two

We had already decided for a Swedish wallpaper called Vera from Sandbergs collection, but I think I’m leaning towards the bold gold & black ones.


22 October 2011

more giveaways

Friends, as said yesterday, there's more super cool ladies joining our giveaway fiesta. This time fabulous Linda, from the glamorous blog the Lennoxx, one of my top destinations to go for some real good design.

Be SURE you go over to the Lennoxx and FTRB and join the giveaways! You might guess what fabulousity the lucky winners will receive...

21 October 2011

giveaway party

My friends, I'm so happy to tell you that I have joined forces with two (more to come!) of the rock stars of interior & decor blogs and we have organized a parteee with fabulous giveaways. FOR YOU! First out, one of my oldest blog friends, miss fabulousity, Ally from FTRB. Head to her place to see what nice things you can win!

And I've got more...

Very, very happy Friday my lovely friends!

20 October 2011


I've got so exciting news for you! From tomorrow,two of my favorite girls are having great giveaways on their blogs! I will get back to you with the details tomorrow morning.

I've been travelling the whole week and so glad so be home. Soon, that is... Only a few hours in air, then in beautiful Vienna (airport), air again, some taxi and then back to my best guy and best cat.

17 October 2011


Good Monday my friends! Hope your weekend was great! I've had a lovely weekend, a lot of work with the little apartment since it's going to be photographed and hopefully, sold pretty soon. We are, as you probably know, preparing to move into our new apartment in couple of months, and guys - it's so exciting!

This weekend I've been lusting after black and gold. I've already told my guy we probably need to change the wallpaper plans (again) and go for something very bold like this!

Would you have black walls?

So I've been frequent in Pinterest and looking for black and gold inspiration. What's your take? Love the glam? I do.

I'm travelling again, this time in the Czech Republic. So I'm sending all my glamorous friends big hugs from my hotel room!

12 October 2011

fabulous wallpapers


Last weekend I was spending my time in the local wallpaper store, and BOY it’s huge! I managed to go through most of the papers I wanted to see IRL. I have now made almost all the choices for our home, and I can’t wait to start putting them up!

My friends have this gorgeous wallpaper in red in their hallway – it’s such a statement and a great welcoming view for all color lovers!

image image

Happy Thursday my friends! At the end of this week we are going to visit Hem & Villa, probabaly the Scandinavia’s largest public fair for home decor and interior design. I’m so excited about it!

11 October 2011

apartment in stockholm

Today’s tuesday apartment showcase is about a mix of different apartments in my home town – or close atleast. I’m sure you love these as much as I do!image

NYC feeling above. Lovely wallpaper below


yellow artwork on the wall. I wish we could see more

image image

Glossy kitchen brings glamour to everyday life.


OH, I have some good news! Let me get back to that little later :)

Meanwhile, feel free to join our Facebook site to receive some news about the business!


10 October 2011

newest addiction

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty nice – we enjoyed the beautiful autumn weather and the nature that’s slowly turning from green to bright reds and yellows.

Last weekend I also finally created my pinterest account. Yeah, I wanted to see what’s all the fuzz about so I logged into the community and oh-la-la, found it pretty difficult to leave!

So, let's try this thing out now...

Here's my first ever pinning test!

How did I do? I'm about to find a new addiction...

Talking about addiction - I'm just about to send in the application for Formex - the largest interior & desing trade show in the Nordics! I'm so excited, let's hope they will give our booth a nice placement! We must discuss the booth design and all that too! I'm sure to tell all about it :)

06 October 2011

our new living space

This will go to my mood board for the new home.


this is till in the game


this we have already (allthough I’m trying to negotiate it to the summer cottage, which we don’t have yet)


Question – the legs? Will I get tired of the mish mash of the legs? I think stylewise they are so far away from each other so maybe it could look good together? I’m not clear on that yet.

We could do this too


But then we need the whites to match. Or THIS!?


We will go for a cool and clean look so that we get to decide the accent colors once we have adjusted into the new place. We have already chosen some real fabulous wallpapers, and they are NOT white! Furthermore, you can expect a lot of books and paintings.

05 October 2011

our kitchen plans part 1

As you propably know, I and my homies are going to move into a new apartment in some months time. The tricky part is that we cannot really go over and take picture in order to start planning. Why? Because it’s still under construction! So we need to visualize how it will be until the beginning of next year. That won’t stop me from planning!


This is the kitchen cabinets we chose. Minus the glas cabin doors. And minus the shape. Also minus the handles. And the other materials, colors and so on… But you get the point right? The kitchen cabins are from this collection. The hardware we picked looks like this.


The kitchen table will look like this


His name is Pedro. I’m thinking that if we ever own another cat, he will be called Pedro. I’m sure our Pablo would be thrilled! Now, let’s move on to the real dilemma – the chairs!

We are going to put these darling granny chairs into our kitchen. Now I’d like upholster these babies somehow. But I’m not sure what fabric to use… Any ideas?


We went through some of the stuff that we had stuffed up to the attic – and in the mids of all strange crap we have been collecting over the years, my guy showed me a lamp he has owned since he was… well, younger. I’m so excited about it, and can’t wait to reveal it!!! But, patience now… :)