28 September 2011


I love shopping, even the imaginary shopping gives me such pleasure that I can really lose myself in day dreaming of new beatiful things I could hold and call mine. And for this reason I’m happy to feature whatever pretty stuff I find ! Like these lovely porcelain items by Danish Casalinga.

image image

Aren’t they so pretty? I specially love the egg vases. Now I’m dying to find a shop who could sell me this vase in blue.  

27 September 2011

stockholm apartment – ours!

Today I’m featuring something really cool – that is our new apartment! Or what’s there yet… you’ll be the judge :)


Okay now, this is how our new home looks like. Really good before shots don’t you agree? I can’t, CAN’T wait to get my hands dirty on decoration details!

IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800

Some things still missing… like walls for instance.

IMG_3801 IMG_3803 IMG_3808 IMG_3813

Everything is going to be brand new and fresh – I have never had a completely new apartment before. I love all the hundreds of years old houses for the beautiful details and high ceilings… but, it is pretty cool to get a brand new home where no-one has ever lived before!

The balcony was HUGE and my walk-in-closet looked promising. It’s going to be such a lovely home for me, my guy and our cat!

That was my Tuesday’s Stockholm apartment – next time you see the images we will be having some walls and wallpapers and floors (ah, the floors we picked!!) and some kitchen stuff on place. Before that I’m updating my mood board and dream sweet dreams about our new home.

26 September 2011

yellow and pink

Many of you talked about about this lovely combo lately, and I must confess I love it too! Pink and yellow are such a great crispy color combo. I love pink with basically everything.

imageimage image image 

This could easily be my dream wedding setup! I’m going to propose that to my hubby2be for our next summer’s celebration. I’m sure he’s DYING to have all that… ;)


Pretty PiP studio wallpaper. I can’t decide where to use this.


Two of our new cushions! Go here to see more!

image image

Happy Monday peeps!

23 September 2011

paintings that rocked my morning

I was reading my friend Sarah Monaco Interiors blog blog and found out about this wonderful artist Linda Monfort. I had to hurry up to her Etsy to see more. And BOY – I wasn’t left dissapointed!

image image image image

I can’t decide which one is my favorite, they all look gorgeous!

Have a lovely weekend!

22 September 2011

ode to my hometown

You know, I am in love with Stockholm. Often I dream about living somewhere else, but I still really love my city. Also, I kind of love Sweden. Yeah? Yes. I chose this lovely neighbouring country for some 13 years ago, and never, NEVER looked back. I’m so proud to be Finnish; hard working, reliable and strong Finnish woman, but… I would not move back. I’m sure I and my family will relocate a few times in our life, and we are dreaming about some warmer latitudes, and little less stress and little more sun {AMERICA!}, but so far Stockholm is in my heart and number one.

Okay… those were my firts morning thoughts. For you who love Stockholm, and would like to visit our beautiful city (do it between April and October), here’s a great info site for you, www.stockholm.com!


Of course I wanted to show you the SHOPPING section.

So, tell us:

do you love your hometown? why?

do you dream of living somewhere else? where?

do you do what you love? what’s your passion?

20 September 2011

apartment in Stockholm

I’m loving this open shelf kitchen in this beautiful Stockholm apartment! The rustic floors look also very beautiful with all the white detailsimage image image image image

How about this bathroom wall? Beautiful silver turquoise mosaic add such a luxury feeling to it.

Happy Tuesday!

Oh, we have just created a facebook page for our business. Feel free to like it! We will have some nice prizes for our FB friends later on!


19 September 2011

website taking form

I’m so happy to announce that my web site is finally live! I’ve been working like mad with my products, the site and everything between. Also, my day job is also pretty hectic now I’m for sure not bored :)

How are you? I was following Mariska and Jeanine to conquer the world, and I could not be more proud! The girls both exhibited at Maison et Object in Paris, and I was dying to get there… but not. Not this time anyhow!

See, AphroChic had a very pretty booth


So did Mariska Meijers


I’m so proud of you girls!

I’m too planning my first ever exhibition, at Formex in January 2012. It’s crazy exciting! Formex is the largest home & decor trade fair in the Scandinavian region, also a good place for us to kisk-start our design business.

Now, let’s view my web site one more time! I’ve been photoshooting the cushions a few times now, and the site has been designed a few times since my initial launch.

Please, let me know your opinion!


It’s just as colorful as my designs! Go here to see it live.

Happy monday my friends!

13 September 2011

08 September 2011

my new products

I’m so excited today -  I just received my first samples of my cushions! So wonderful :) They look just like I imagined, and I’m happy all the hard work starts to pay off.

Lately, as you might guess, I’ve been super-busy with setting up my business. I’ve been designing, looking for producers, and working on the online appearance. Now, finally, the samples are here and I’m ready to release my very first collection of cushions. Yeah!


Here’s one of my darling cushions. In green. Love.

 IMG_3323 IMG_3331 IMG_3356 IMG_3363


Do you feel my excitement? Isn’t it just fabulous to see own work (lot’s of work) coming together? I cannot describe the feeling! Cheers, now I’m going to celebrate and have a glas of wine.

Tomorrow, we are working on the product pictures and hopefully can also set up the online site for my business. Happy days!

06 September 2011

apartment in stockholm

Beautiful apartment, bad photographer. I wonder how pretty this could look like with proper lightning?
image image image image image