30 August 2011

apartment in stockholm

it’s tuesday again, and today loving this apartment.

image image image

have a lovely day!

24 August 2011

confessing color

I was thinking of revealing some of my desings for you now. Or, actually colors that I’ve been working on. You know, I’m a bit sucker for colors, and my collections are obviously proof of that!

So, let’s reveal the coloring for my first collection! Here it is.

color mix 

I’ve been working so much with the Pantone Fashion + Home color set these last weeks, and it’s going to be amazing to see my first collection of cushions to become alive! Of course, these colors are the web presentation of the textile colors I’ve chosen, so let’s patiently wait until I have received the babies and can see them in action.

I’m so excited!!

23 August 2011

apartment in stockholm

Today I’m enjoying this tiny flat in my home town. The blueprint is clever, even if the space is really tiny it looks very inviting. All white decor is beautiful and I love the chandeliers that add glamour into this sweet little place.


image image image

22 August 2011

fabulous living

I’m currently quite busy with setting up my business, so there’s very little time to anything else. As many of you know, I also work fulltime in IT & Finance so I need to use my ‘free time’ to run all the errands, designing webshop { IT’S OPENING SOON!}, design products, produce them, the logistics and so on. The list is endless but the making is SO FUN! 

Ever now and then I, however, have time to surf the www and find new fab things to dream about. Like this, Sotheby’s international realty webzine. Houses for those with bucks. Megamillionbucks.







Have a fabulous monday!

16 August 2011

apartment in stockholm

This little nook is just so interesting – I want to take a closer look at all the small items the home owners have collected to the shelves! And I know I’m not the only one :)

imageimage  image

14 August 2011

my webshop opening soon!

Good sunday evening and happy new week to all my online friends! My weekend was wonderful, first some wine & dine in the city, then cozing up at home the whole saturday, watching movies and enjoying being at home. On sunday we updated some textiles at home, it feel much more autumn cozy now. We also got friends over for dinner, and I’m been busy training too. Such a perfect weekend!

What else I’m busy with… I' ve told you couple of times, but let’s recap here now and again: I’m setting up my business and it’s going great!

This week has been busy one with setting up the web site. Since I’m an IT professional I simply cannot do the easiest solution around – that being letting somebody else to fix my online presence. oooh no. I must fix it all by myself! So, this week has contained a lot of web hosting, DNS settings, domain names and so on. I do love every single thing about doing it.

So, I’ve been busy with my site. Here’s my first mockup, how do you like it? You find the draft live on www.elcestockholm.com


You can also see pictures of some of my designs… Let me know what you think!

And ofcourse, while you visit the site, feel free to sign up for news letter too :)

Have a lovely week now!

09 August 2011

apartment in stockholm

These darlings are quite rare in my town – or even if you manage to find an attic apartement, they do come with a nice price tag too. However, these beams inspire us to design our imaginary summer cottage. Imaginary so far since we decided to wait till next summer or late autumn to proceed with the cottage plan.

image image image

05 August 2011


Hi my friends, how have you been?

I'm doing great, back to work and it seems like most of my co-workers are doing the same! This week has been filled with a lot of creativity, planning and ofcourse, work and training. I'm glad it's weekend soon and time to hang out with our friends.

Today I'm inspired by wood as a material for fabulous decor items. This husband&wife team does it really good. What do you think?

I'm totally smitten by these! I'd love to have that chandelier in our new bedroom :) From Uncommon.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends! I hope you all get some luxury this weekend... like flowers and breakfast in bed. We SO deserve it!

02 August 2011