27 July 2011


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I’ve been busy thinking about the decor in our new home, and with the wallpaper sample in my hand, I’m leaning towards full on grey bedroom. How about that? The space is very small, so there’s not much furniture we can accommodate, but I’m thinking now the walls and textiles {surprisingly}.

I have some fabulous greys in my new collection of home textiles. I’m itching in my bones since I cannot show them yet!! But soon my friends… :)

However, would our bedroom look nice in grey? Would that room stay grey for a longer period of time? Given my love for colors, would I be happy with this? We shall see…

26 July 2011

apartment in stockholm

Today’s apartment caught my eye for following reasons: The white kitchen cabinets look edible delicious. The warm coloring draws my senses to the fall. I love fall. The nice wall art inspires me to re-do our walls.

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